Why Boise? Better yet...Why Not??

Posted by on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 2:25pm.

Anyone from Boise will tell you how great Boise is. It's that simple. Us Idahoans are just that proud and happy with our home town and state! Those reviews are just on a local level, but how do we compare to the rest of the country? I did some research and found that Idaho, particularly Boise and the Treasure Valley, is in fact, just as good as we local folks really express it to be! How about that?! 

In a recent article by WalletHub (2016), 2016's Best & Worst State Capitals, Boise is listed at #6 as the best state capital to live in! Boise is considered to be one of the most livable places after comparing 4 key dimensions: affordability, a strong economy, high education standards and overall excellent quality of life. 

Top 6 US Capital StatesWalletHub. (2016). 2016's Best & Worst State Capitals. 

And to top that off, how about Boise also being #3 for the lowest premature-death rate and #4 for the lowest crime rate (this may or may not be correlated). 

WalletHub. (2016). 2016's Best & Worst State Capitals. 

WalletHub. (2016). 2016's Best & Worst State Capitals. 

Another great link I found shows a large list of How The Boise Valley Ranks Nationally and further proves how fantastic of a place Boise, and the entire Treasure Valley really is to live and raise a family! Clearly there is a secret treasure to this valley (thus the Treasure Valley) that we love to share with others!

#1 Most Caring City in America

#2 State for Volunteerism

#2 Most Artistic Mid-Sized City in America

Top 10 Happiest States

#1 Best City of Kids

Top 10 Best Towns for College Football

#2 Best City for Millennial Entrepreneurs

#1 Best Corn Maze to Visit for Family Fun – Meridian, ID

#3 State with Fastest Job Growth in 2015

#2 Top Up-And-Coming Cities for Recent College Grads

.....Just to name a few.

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